Is Linux Un-Hackable ? Can Linux System Hacked

For decades, the Linux group of operating systems has won the admiration of tech professionals for its simplicity and functionality. First developed in the early 1990s, it’s a computer operating system like Windows.

As software that controls a system’s hardware resources, it’s a popular choice for running web servers. Unlike Windows, Linux is open source software, which means it’s freely available to everyone.

A Kernel of Truth

Linux is essentially a “kernel,” which is a core component in an operating system that controls the CPU, memory, and peripherals on a computer. Often considered to have a “stripped down” user interface — without all the user-focused bells and whistles — it’s designed purely to be functional and allow users a large degree of control over their hardware.

Customizable and Flexible

Traditional Linux fans believe it offers a much easier method of controlling hardware due to the existence of “the shell” — the Linux command line that allows users to control their computers by typing commands into a text interface.

However, modern versions of Linux have much more sophisticated user interfaces, meaning traditional command line interaction doesn’t have to be used.

Customizing Linux is also possible by using different desktop environments. Although other operating systems tend to have bespoke desktops, there are many that can be adopted for use with Linux.


From its very inception, security has been a cornerstone of the Linux operating system. Each user has to be walled off from others, and a password and user ID are required for an individual to use Linux.

Users also have lower automatic access rights, which makes it harder for them to perpetuate the spread of malware by accessing a wide range of files on the computer.

The open source format with many different operating environments, system architectures, and components — such as different email clients — also makes it more difficult for malware to sweep through it.

So, With so many functionalities and strong security, it seems that Linux system cannot be hacked ?

Linux has multiple advantages when it comes to security, but no operating system is totally secure.

Aspects that proves Linux is Hackable

Linux vulnerabilities are less compared to Windows systems. Modern Linux systems are secure from fresh installation. Most Linux exploitation need user interactions. By default, only root can execute custom scripts or binary files, install new packages, make firewall changes, access to the / partition, modify SELinux, add or delete system users. Privilege escalation is required when hacking a Linux system. Without privilege escalation, a hacker cannot make serious damage to a compromised Linux machine. So lets discuss all the vulnerabilities you can find in Linux.

Linux has all of the typical system vulnerabilities.

All the above mentioned vulnerabilities proves that Linux can be hacked. No software (outside of some limited micro kernels) has proven perfect security.

Hacking Linux OS could be a tedious task for hacker but it doesn’t means that its cannot be hacked. but the advantage of Linux being opensource by the time you brag about finding a vulnerability and 15 minutes later another hacker comes back saying “I just closed your opening”. Most all open source is built by hackers so the people building it also know how to crack it. The main vulnerability is PEOPLE !! People not watching what they are doing thinking that they are untouchable.

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Hey Hackers !! I am Harshit Dodia aka Freaky Dodo , I am a student of Information Technology and Ethical hacking.

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Hey Hackers !! I am Harshit Dodia aka Freaky Dodo , I am a student of Information Technology and Ethical hacking.

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